Loblaws Canada

Corporate Office Headquarters

Head Office Address : 1 Presidents Choice Cir, Brampton, ON L6Y 5S5, Canada

Phone Number : +19054592500

Email : customerservice@loblaws.ca

Web : https://www.loblaws.ca

Twitter ID : @LoblawsON

Loblaws Canada corporate office headquarters
Loblaws Canada
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 by Ty Stephenson

I have receipts to prove the Zehrs in Owen Sound Ontario is scamming people. They are charging tax on groceries that are not suppose to be taxed, as well as not honouring sale pricing. I have multiple recordings of gender discrimination from different employees. I was promised an apology letter and compensation, which I never received. This company has the LGBTQ+flag on their door and yet they discriminate against transgender people. Using LGBTQ+ to promote a company that is in fact not a safe place for LGBTQ+ people. I’m sure the news will love to see the recording I have, they will be sent in 24 hours of zehrs does not make this right.

 by Susan Hamer


 by Robin Angry

Live Life Well® WELL WISE - You should be ashamed of your tag line, "Live Life Well®". I have a medical condition that requires the timely delivery of medical supplies or I cannot "Live Life Well®", I cannot leave my bathroom. Three times in the last six months I have ordered supplies from Well Wise online. Twice I have had to follow up on the order because apparently you do not have items available to ship. Nowhere on your site do you indicate that you do not have the items available for delivery when I am placing an order; instead, you wait a month to tell me you do not have the items in stock. Weird because my orders consist of a variety of items and you have NONE OF THEM in stock. Do you honestly think that people can wait a month to find out you cannot fill orders? After the first time you pulled this stunt, I started ordering 2-3 months in advance. It worked one time only - once you sent a partial order. So if you are counting on Well Wise for timely service, don't. I wish I could give negative stars.

 by quasimodo

The only divinity accepted are people with money. The rest, are abominations...

 by Quasimodo

Promotions here are for the hard kissers, not for the hard working...

 by Quasimodo

Kids should better learn The Art of Kissing than science in schools. They would have a smooth path to successful careers...

 by Quasimodo

It all depends on who you know: the only Canadian business etiquette.

The rest, just some forever abused part-time hard working losers, good for trash...

 by Quasimodo

Hypocritsy is all, and this comment will be also hidden, yuck

 by Lynne

I recently bought several bottles of your carbonated spring water (PC Brand). I really enjoy the product and have been very satisfied with it

and will continue to buy it.

However, one day I opened one of the bottles and the carbonated water exploded all over my kitchen walls, floors, table etc. Fortunately, I was standing beside

the kitchen sink so I was able to direct part of the product into the sink. I was shocked as I had not shaken the bottle or otherwise mistreated

it. I then looked at the bottle and saw a little liquid still inside, so I tried to pour the rest out. It would not empty. I then noticed a layer

of plastic inside the middle of the bottle which was stopping part of the water from being poured out. This was extremely strange and

I realized there was a flaw in the actual bottle. I have since returned the bottle to Patty, the owner of my local No Frills (Listro's) and she was very

kind - and like me - confused by the plastic layer on the inside of the bottle. She offered to send it to head office to have your company follow up

on the problem. I am only bringing this to your attention because I feel the force which the carbonated water exited the bottle could be dangerous. I

was fortunate not to have the bottle directed towards my face. I worry if a child opened something like this they could be injured.

As I said I was very pleased with the care and concern Patty expressed and the follow up.

I hope this email helps you to review the bottling procedures from a safety point of view, and that you continue to sell this excellent product.



 by Élise Sidock

Shame on you! I saw your profit for the month of October on one day then your announcement to raise prices the next day. With the hike in your prices more of the middle, lower income classes can’t afford food. Your promotion of us buying extra food for the food bank is an oxymoron. With more BMW in your parking lot means that you are doing good job. I am part of the Fed Up Club.

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Loblaws Canada Headquarters Info

You can find the corporate office address and Loblaws Canada headquarters in Brampton, ON L6Y 5S5 Canada. Most of the operations handled from this Loblaws CA corporate headquarter.

  • Address: Loblaws Canada headquarters is completely transparent when it comes to contact information and location of the Loblaws headquarters. You can address any letters to this corporate headquarters office to:

1 Presidents Choice Cir, Brampton, ON L6Y 5S5, Canada

For any general inquiries, please contact Loblaws head office number : +1 905-459-2500.

  • Phone Number: Call +1 905-459-2500 to reach someone at Loblaws Canada headquarters. As soon as you speak with a representative, you should have a fair solution to your problem that is relatively fast, You can contact during Mon to Fri: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm and Saturday and Sunday: Closed.
  • Email: As an alternative, you can email Loblaws at customerservice@loblaws.ca that may help spread the word about your problem. You can also contact someone close to the corporate office by emailing the Customer Support Help department.
  • Website: You can use their website www.loblaws.ca and contact any department for general help. there is no dedicated website for Loblaws headquarters.

Loblaws Headquarters Executive Team

Loblaws headquarters is run by an executive team. Below are some executive team members name of Loblaws corporate office Canada.

  • Barry K. Columb: President, President’s Choice Financial
  • Darren Myers: Chief Financial Officer
  • Galen G. Weston: Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  • Garry Senecal: Chief Customer Officer
  • Gordon A. M. Currie: Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer
  • Greg Ramier: Executive Vice President, Market Division
  • Ian Freedman: President, Joe Fresh
  • Jeff Leger: President, Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Jocyanne Bourdeau: President, Discount Division
  • Mark Wilson: Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Labour Relations
  • Mike Motz: Chief Operating Officer
  • Rob Wiebe: Chief Administrative Officer
  • Robert Chant: Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Communication
  • Sarah R. Davis: President, Loblaw Companies Limited

Loblaws Canada corporate office addresses

Corporate addresses
Loblaws (Canada)  1 Presidents Choice Cir, Brampton, ON L6Y 5S5, Canada

Loblaws Canada Headquarters Location & Directions

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Loblaws Canada

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Loblaws Canada FAQS

Q. Where is Loblaws Canada Headquarters?
A. Loblaws Canada headquarters is located at 1 Presidents Choice Cir, Brampton, ON L6Y 5S5, Canada.

Q. What is Loblaws Canada phone number?
A. Loblaws Canada Phone number is +19054592500.

Q. Who owns Loblaws Canada?
A. Loblaws Canada is owned by controlled by George Weston Limited.

Q. What is Loblaws Canada known for?
A. Loblaws Canada known as Canada’s food and pharmacy leader.

Q. Who is a founder of Loblaws Canada?
A. Theodore Loblaw J. Milton Cork is a founder of Loblaws Canada.