Corporate Office Headquarters

Head Office Address : 410 Adelaide Street, West Suite 610 Toronto, ON M5V 1S8 Canada

Phone Number : 8883973342

Email : noreply@expedia.ca

Web : https://www.expedia.ca

Twitter ID : @ExpediaCA

Expedia Canada corporate office headquarters
Expedia Canada
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 10 reviews
 by Jeff M.

Incredible horrible and unorganized company. They have had over $2800 of my money for nearly a year and every time you call, you get different information and the person does not understand why you are calling. IN my 30+ hrs on the phone I had one person who understood, and appeared to have fixed it all, but here I am again 12 wks later and still no refund although it was apparently authorized by west jet (for the 5th time).

 by JC

I booked, as did a friend per my suggestion, a room at an IHG hotel in NYC. We got a cryptic email saying to call or email about the hotel not being able to honour our booking (We had 2 more couples book rooms at that same hotel - a reunion from all over, incl. NZ). After a couple calls, I got through to a person in the rescheduling office to help me the day before our deadline. I explained our situation, she said all the details would be included in our Case number and to just quote it when calling/emailing back. She said she'd help find a suitable hotel for us all (4 rms) and would provide options for me to choose from. I reiterated that the 2 things we needed were breakfast included and a fitness centre. None of the 3 options sent by email a couple hours later had either. I replied, stating they wouldn't work, and suggested a place I found that included both in the same general vicinity and to please advise. No reply. The next day, I still hadn't heard back, but instead got an email saying that since they'd not heard from me, they had cancelled my booking. I replied with a polite email stating I had indeed already been in communication with their office and provided the case number to them. I then received an automated email with a NEW case number but never heard back. Again, no reply. I followed up and had to provide ALL the details again, as they apparently didn't have the details included in the case. I was put on hold off and on for a long time then was disconnected. It appeared they tried to call but there was no one on the other end. I called back and got 'David'. He was telling me that they tried so many times to reach me but never got any response, so they cancelled the booking, and he couldn't do anything at all because it was 'closed'. I explained to him that CLEARLY I had indeed spoken with someone AND emailed a few times PRIOR to their email stating the booking was cancelled. He just repeated the mantra that no one could reach me despite the multiple attempts to contact me, and they had to cancel. I explained he was just doing his job, but that obviously I had in FACT spoken to someone at that number/email provided, AND had a CASE NUMBER to prove it, PRIOR to the deadline. He would put me on mute and then when I said to him I wanted to speak with his superior, he said he was the most senior person there. (If he's their 'management', yikes!!! NOT a professional or effective employee.). I told him that my frustration had turned to anger, and that I hoped the call was being recorded; he assured me it was.... good. I asked him to please take this story of their lousy 'system' they have that "doesn't have" my recorded call, emails and case number. They make it very hard to find a complaints department and I will do my best to find their corporate office to ensure they are aware of their lousy customer service. This could have easily gone very differently - hard to find good help, or perhaps that is their corporate culture - we're big, screw the customers so you can save us money. Literally hours wasted. I have been using Expedia for years, but no more - and I'll tell 2 friends, who will tell 2 friends....

 by Brandon Mcdonald

The worst customer service. I will NEVER use expedia again.

 by Anne

I would actually say they are less then 1as 1 star. Whet ever you do, DO NOT book with this company. Worst customer service ever .

 by LM

0/5. I agree with the reviews. The most frustrating and nonexistent customer service experience I’ve ever encountered.

 by Mort Broverman

Your service is non existent. It is the worst I ever experienced. It is an example of what not to do.

 by Sharon

Horrible company. No customer service. They have not wanted to assist me at all regarding Aeromexico tickets that were purchased for last year and cancelled due to Covid. Keep telling me there is nothing they can do even though they processed my payment. They'll have you on the line for hours. This company is not in Canada. It is based in Egypt. They don't care! I would never book through them again. The first thing the guy told me yesterday was that Aeromexico claimed bankruptcy. yet they are still flying and buying planes. The few points Expedia will give you is nothing compared to the lack of care and frustration you will get if you need help. They even refused to tell me where their head office is saying "it's our policy" (not to tell). Then he gave me a wrong email address to send a complaint. DO NOT USE EXPEDIA. Use a real travel agent or book airline tickets directly through the airline.

 by S paynr

My experience with Expedia has been to say the least disgusting. When trying to find a person to cancel a car reservation you get a virtual attendant they give you options that aren't there they say an agent will call back, they don't.ive tried your phone system, direct contact via your address nothing works. I think your system is pathetic and I don't believe you really want to help people get refunds whatever their reasons. I have used you over the years many times, won't happen again. But then probably no one reads these notes or gives a shit, how do you stay in business? I have forwarded a copy to the BBB

 by Hisham

Your call centre in Cairo Egypt is damaging your business and your reputation. I am a gold customer with you for about 20 years ( my ID: hcanada2020@yahoo.ca) Your Call centre reps and supervisors in Cairo were aware that my simple problem was resolved after a phone call from the hotel manager and they chose to complicate the issue in many different way through very bad manners instead of resolving it and after more than two wasted hours of tension and frustrations I found that they were all aware that the issue was resolved and none of them tried to let me know but they hanged up on me after putting me on hold for very long time and If you are not going to investigate this and take the proper action then I will cancel my account with you and will never deal with you again. Names of those who were involved in this are Kareem, Hoda and ( Joe, Beatrice and Olivia...)

 by Semon Jacobson

Absolutely terrible service I need a call to resolve issues. Not from Egypt please

Thank you

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Expedia Canada Headquarters Info

You can find the corporate office address and Expedia Canada headquarters in 410 Adelaide Street, West Suite 610 Toronto, ON M5V 1S8 Canada. Most of the operations handled from this Expedia CA corporate headquarter.

  • Address: Expedia Canada headquarters is completely transparent when it comes to contact information and location of the Expedia headquarters. You can address any letters to this corporate headquarters office to:

410 Adelaide Street, West Suite 610 Toronto, ON M5V 1S8 Canada

For any general inquiries, please contact Expedia head office number : 1-416-202-86

  • Phone Number: Call 888-397-3342 to reach someone at Expedia Canada headquarters. As soon as you speak with a representative, you should have a fair solution to your problem that is relatively fast, You can contact during Monday to Friday: 24 Hours and Saturday and Sunday: 24 Hours.
  • Email: As an alternative, you can email Expedia at noreply@expedia.ca that may help spread the word about your problem. You can also contact someone close to the corporate office by emailing the Customer Support Help department.
  • Website: You can use their website expedia.ca and contact any department for general help. there is no dedicated website for Expedia headquarters.

Expedia Canada Headquarters Executive Team

Expedia headquarters is run by an executive team. Below are some executive team members name of Expedia corporate office Canada.

  • Barry Diller: Chairman and Senior Executive
  • Peter M. Kern: Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  • Eric Hart: Chief Financial Officer
  • Robert Dzielak: Chief Legal Officer and Secretary, Expedia Group, Inc.
  • Sarah Gavin: Vice President, Global Communications and Corporate Brand
  • Ariane Gorin: President, Expedia Business Services
  • Jeff Hurst: President and Co-lead, Marketing
  • Adam Jay: President and Co-lead, Marketing
  • John Kim: President, Platform & Marketplaces
  • Tucker Moodey: President, Retail Product & Technology
  • Cyril Ranque: President, Travel Partners Group
  • Archana Singh: Chief People Officer, Expedia Group, Inc.

Expedia Canada corporate office addresses

Corporate addresses
Expedia (Canada)  410 Adelaide Street, West Suite 610 Toronto, ON M5V 1S8 Canada

Expedia Canada Headquarters Location & Directions

Expedia Canada Headquarters photo

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Expedia Canada FAQ

Q. Where is Expedia Canada headquarter?
A. Expedia Canada is located at 410 Adelaide Street, West Suite 610 Toronto, ON M5V 1S8 Canada.

Q. What is Expedia Canada phone number?
A. Expedia Canada number is 1-416-202-86

Q. Who is the CEO of Expedia?
A. Peter M Kern is a CEO of Expedia.