Swiss Chalet Canada

Corporate Office Headquarters

Head Office Address : 725 Markland St, Markham, ON L6C 0G7, Canada

Phone Number : +19058879650

Email : N/A

Web :

Twitter ID : @SwissChaletCA

Swiss Chalet Canada corporate office headquarters
Swiss Chalet Canada
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 37 reviews
 by Tom Holt

Had Swiss Chalet today and the fries were refried dark brown and rubbery. Not the first time this has happened. Charging more since Covid and food is getting worse. Don't waste your money.

 by Tim Devlin

For most of my adult life I dined at S.C. on Young St. its gone. I never have any reason to be way over on University Avenue. Can you open another city center location please? I suggest the perfect, available location on Carlton St. opposite Maple Leaf Gardens, it has a large covered patio as a bonus, dozens of new high rises, an 8 screen cinema, Loblaws, super store. Collage St Subway stop, Church St. Gay Village and both Ryerson and U of T. student accommodations and opposite is Holiday Inn...This is an amazing target market for Swiss Chalet. Check it out....miss the downtown location terribly...always stopped on the way by shopping. Now I go to Popeye's.

 by Shirley

I should've given zero star but the system wouldn't proceed without include the rating . I put one star to Swiss Chalet because I got a very bad experience with their delivery service.

On Saturday July 29th, They missed one item on order I paid via the online ordering. I opened the bag after the driver has gone so I phoned the restaurant immediately.

I told the lady what happened, she then put me on hold for 41 minutes. I ended the call myself and sent the online request (Swiss Chalet website) to ask for my refund. I included the e-ticket # on my request.

Next day the Sunday, I received an email back from Erin who told me someone would contact with me in 2 business days. It had been 4 days and I still haven't got my refund and neither hear from them.

I am going to write to the head office again and see what they say.

Very disappointment and unacceptable.

 by Ruth

Im disappointed that i bought a bacon chicken wrap fri,june 10. with salad instead of fries. the salad was black and rusty, it was not fresh. at all.

 by Rosanna

We visited the new restaurant on Rymal Road in Hannon/Hamilton mountain. I use a wheelchair, and the very polite server asked if she could move my wheelchair...because "we have a robot"? So she had to move it away from our table so this robot could carry our food to our table! Not sitting well with my entire family. Kids may think it's cute; but adult know that this robot is replacing humans! Who holds the cheque book?!

 by Ron

I give a one for customer service that simply hung up while trying to get answers to my on line order. The on line order process is pathetic. 5 rimes I tried it and each time it said it could not take my order and to call customer service which was a bust. I finally went to the restaurant an ordered over the counter. The restaurant handled things fine but your on line order system sucks. Try hiring competent staff to program a app that works.

 by Nicole

We placed an over the phone order and the women on the phone had a hard time explaining sides to us for the festive meal. Albeit we placed an order and due to lack of delivery, we did pick up. Upon arriving to the restaurant we were advised we had no order placed for the meal in question despite spending 15 mins on the phone placing said order. My mother re ordered the meal and was obligated to wait the half an hour at the Algonquin location in north bay. This gets worse. Once she got the meal she asked if everything was in the bags, and the employee said yes. She neglected to open the bags and check, it isn’t her JOB to open the bag to be fair. Now once she got back to the hotel she discovered the meal was wrong, we asked for both fresh cut fries and seasoned fries, but got two boxes of “fresh cut fries”. No coleslaw we ordered, no sour cream despite paying 0.49 cents per container x5, she was also missing some other items. I advised her to call the restaurant and she did. As we got into the conversation, the manager working on the 17th at 6 pm was so utterly rude I spoke up and said well how are you going to bring us this food you’re saying you’ll deliver when you said delivery wasn’t an option? Are you going to get on your magical broomstick and fly it to us? Should I maybe just call corporate? She then proceeded to say well this conversation is over I offered you ten dollars and you’ve denied it. Ten dollars does not cover the cost of missing food items/incorrect food items, missing add ons like sour cream we PAID FOR, GAS to get this meal, etc. the woman did not like being talked to the way she talks to others, and I find that amusing. After gaslighting my senior mother for about ten minutes denying any wrong doing… I spoke up and questioned her motives and mode of delivering the items listed above. She then decided she was not going to do anything and said I could call corporate. That is exactly what I am about to do regarding the north bay Ontario location. This girl should not work with the general public, it appears she likes to take advantage of seniors and manipulate/abuse them when she is proven to be negligent and or her staff isn’t up to par. Thanks!

 by Michelle Sever

The food use to be so good. Lately it is horrible. Chicken is so dry. Use to be moist and juicy. Not anymore. Would rather buy chicken from another place where it is better quality. My friend always wants to eat swiss chalet when we get together. I said no for me. Go on her own or we go somewhere else. Considering what the pricees are. You think the food would be better. What happened that the food is like this. No longer a fan of the food

 by Lorraine

Drove through for a ceasar salad today. Cost me 7.00 what a joke. Wish I could add a picture.

 by Jessica

I placed an order on May 21st from the Wasaga Beach location. Items were missing for my approximate $100 order. I called into the store and spoke to the manager Wendy to advise her that I was missing items ordered. Wendy took my order number and address and promised it would be delivered to me within half an hour. It never showed up! I called into the store at approximately 10:20 (several hours later( to learn the store was closed!!!

Called back May 22nd to follow up on my items and spoke once again directly to Wendy. She told me she couldn’t deliver it yesterday because she didn’t have an order number. That is already a lie as she took everything over the phone and my initial order was placed online so they should have all of my information!!!

She assured me the driver would send it within half an hour again!!!

2.5 HOURS LATER AND STILL NO DELIVERY!!!! I called again, spoke to Wendy and she told me it was with the driver hours ago and she was busy and didn’t have time for me for this. Absolutely unacceptable as the products were PAID FOR!!!! It’s passed 24 hours and I’m still waiting!!! Wendy hung up on me!!! Called back 4-5 times and each time she picked up and hung up on me right away.

I called from a different number and a girl by the name of Emma picked up. When I asked to speak to Wendy she told me she couldn’t pass her the phone unless I gave my name so I did and she immediately said she was busy and couldn’t attend.

I asked Emma to follow up on my order and she also did not want to assist me.

I am extremely unhappy with the way I have been treated and obviously my business isn’t appreciated!!! The level of rudeness and disrespect in absolutely unacceptable!

I would also like to note that I asked emma to confirm my address given to the driver (which at this point was provided to Wendy 4 times now) and emma confirmed the incorrect address!!!!!!

I told her there was no way she has the wrong address as she verified it over the phone several times.

When I FINALLY received my item my CORRECT address was on the bag and on the box!

I have pictures and phone recording !

I want my money back and this very UNPROFESSIONAL MANAGER to be dealt with!

It’s just not right!

I will be taking this further !

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Swiss Chalet Canada Headquarters Info

You can find the corporate office address and Swiss Chalet Canada headquarters in Brampton, 0G7, Canada. Most of the operations handled from this Swiss Chalet CA corporate headquarter.

  • Address: Swiss Chalet Canada headquarters is completely transparent when it comes to contact information and location of the Swiss Chalet headquarters. You can address any letters to this corporate headquarters office to:

370 Bovaird Dr E, Brampton, ON L6Z 2S8, Canada

For any general inquiries, please contact Swiss Chalet head office number : +1 905-846-3321

  • Phone Number: Call +1 905-846-3321 to reach someone at Swiss Chalet Canada headquarters. As soon as you speak with a representative, you should have a fair solution to your problem that is relatively fast, You can contact during Mon to Sun: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm.
  • Website: You can use their website and contact any department for general help. there is no dedicated website for Swiss Chalet headquarters.

Swiss Chalet Headquarters Executive Team

Swiss Chalet headquarters is run by an executive team. Below are some executive team members name of Swiss Chalet corporate office Canada.

  • Ron Simard: Chief Operating Officer
  • Ally Tosello: Senior Director of Marketing

Swiss Chalet Canada corporate office addresses

Corporate addresses
Swiss Chalet (Canada)  725 Markland St, Markham, ON L6C 0G7, Canada

Swiss Chalet Canada Headquarters Location & Directions

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Swiss Chalet Canada

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Swiss Chalet FAQ

Q. Where is Swiss Chalet Canada Headquarters?
A Swiss Chalet headquarters is located at 370 Bovaird Dr E, Brampton, ON L6Z 2S8, Canada.

Q. What is Swiss Chalet phone number?
A. Swiss Chalet Canada Phone number is  +1 905-846-3321.

Q. Who owns Swiss Chalet in Canada?
A. Swiss Chalet is owned by Recipe Unlimited.